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Working in partnership with RWPT

JV Partner

Joint Ventures aren’t anything new. There are many variations on the theme, and in property they can play out in a number of ways.

We focus on a Fixed Return Finance partner, or if you qualify, a Profit Share partner.

The rates of return are very specific to the projects we undertake so will vary.

For our Fixed Return Finance partners we provide a minimum of 8% per annum.

For our Profit Share partners the rate of return can be from 8% to 30% per annum – however do not be naive enough to think the higher rate of return is possible without taking on considerable risk and investing a significant sum of money.

How much money will you need…. ? For now we only work with Investors who have £100,000 available to invest.

We are working on something that will allow those of you with less money to invest on a more collective basis, however it’s still in the pipeline for now.

To find out more or to secure your position as one of our JV Partners

Mentored Investor

Don’t wnat a full on Joint Venture, but would like the assistance and knowledge exchange that comes with it?

Maybe our over the shoulder guidance to de-risk your project would be right for you…

(with bonuses!)

To find out more about the Mentored Investor program simply click below