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Is It Time to Invest in the U.K. Property Market?

As the Brexit dust settles, the instant overreactions following the referendum results are now making way for a careful rethinking on investments in Britain. The high net worth buyers from China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries are cherry picking properties in Britain at rock bottom prices amid the Brexit turmoil. Does this mean it is time for you to do the same? Let’s take a look and see.

Brexit results led to an instant plunge in sterling valuation, which added to the long ongoing decline in the nation’s currency. The instant panic triggered a pullout of capital from real estate funds and a collapse in intrinsic property valuations. This led to the suspension of trading in funds which amounted to 18 billion pounds.

Many in-progress property deals in the U.K. were re-negotiated leading to price declines and insertion of ‘Brexit’ specific clauses. A major benefit from these developments for overseas investors was that it made the assets and investments in the U.K. quite attractive. This brought in more investors than ever from Asian countries, all looking for low prices and high returns which inadvertently helping in creating a stronger economy for residential property buyers and buy to let investment schemes.

A roll back in rental charges is prohibited in Britain by law, which adds more cushion for property owners to seek consistent income from British properties via the rental route. Investors are unfazed about the current political void, as they take a long-term view in real estate investments and are ready to absorb the short-term volatility.

In short, as the overdone Brexit worries take respite, London is expected to remain the top financial hub, and time appears to be ripe to cherry pick the low-priced property assets. This makes the current property investment markets in the UK stronger than ever and gives investors more opportunities to succeed.

With questions of whether the UK is a valuable place to invest in becoming ever more clearly a YES vote (if you forgive the political joke…), it’s now a great time to start considering your options.  Why not join us on our free, online training session in which we discuss all the different investment types available for the highest percentage ROI realistically possible here in the UK today?  Click here to join – you won’t regret it!