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About Us

The partners of RWPT, Damien Fogg & Richard Brown, are experienced property investors and developers with many projects and years of property activity behind them.

Everything that we do is underpinned by our business values:
1. Practical – all that we say and do stacks up in reality, and is implementable in the real world of property investment by real people…we don’t do fairy tales and pipe dreams
2. Ethical – all that we say and do it is legal, compliant and follows good business practices…we don’t do operate in shady areas
3. Sustainable – all that we say and do has realistic expectations, can be applied consistently over the long-term, with checks and due diligence at the heart

We deliver two main types of service to clients;

1. Education; sharing our joint knowledge and experience in a variety of ways to help investors avoid the same mistakes we made. We aim to give you a much greater likelihood of success than simply going it alone. Our training varies and may be one to one, as part of a group, delivered online, or project specific.
2. Joint Ventures; with over 2,000 units managed and developed between us, we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to property development. For those who are looking for a passive, hands off approach – with the potential for a significant profit, this could be perfect for you. You become the funding partner and RWPT is your delivery partner.

Damien Fogg MRICS

Damien is a Chartered Building Surveyor with experience of developing over 12,000 units and managing 800 properties. Having worked for the Ministry of Defence and the Homes and Communities Agency, Damien has a wide range of property skills.

Damien is passionate about giving honest, straightforward advice, and helping investors achieve realistic profits through property investing.

Featuring on the BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer TV programme with a recent property conversion project bought at auction and a representative of the National Landlord’s Association, Damien has a prominent profile within the property industry.

Richard Brown

Richard has been involved with property for over 20 years having accelerated his portfolio development after what he calls his ‘Eureka moment’ in the mid-noughties. He has built a portfolio that allows a completely location-independent lifestyle, after a career in financial services and business.

With property interests spanning several countries and utilising various different strategies, he has a diverse range of property experience to call upon.

Richard is a serial knowledge sharer, also known as The Property Voice, an Amazon Best Seller with his Property Investor Toolkit book and his educational Podcast & Blog. He loves to help investors find a way of investing that is ethical, and also fits in with their lives and resources.

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